Club: Paradigm, CA

Case: Abolish Superfund

Tournament: CalBaptist University round robin

1AC Flow - SuperfundEdit

Observation 1: Resolutional Analysis


Environmental policy

Criterion: net benefits

Observation 2: Background

1. Superfund (EPA 2009)

Observation 3: Harms

1. Tax-paid money is wasted on a failed project. Link: Superfund is tax-payed. (Sierra Club 2003)

Brink: Superfund has failed. (Angela Logomasini 2008)

Brink extension: Superfund has failed. (Sierra Club 2005)

Impact: Tax money goes to a failed organization. (Freedom Works 2009)

2. It can take up to 40 years to clean up one Superfund site. (Angela Logomasini 2008)

Observation 4: Plan

Mandate 1: Superfund should be abolished and its budget should go to an environmental grant fund. All cleanup should go to state authorities. Mandate 2: States may apply for reimbursement from the grant fund for cleanup costs before, during, and after cleanup began. Applications should be reviewed by the enforcement and qualified applicants should be reimbursed until the budget is depleted. In that case, the plan should be suspended until the following fiscal year.

Agency and enforcement: EPA

No funding


Observation 5: Solvency

1. 48 states have cleanup authority. (U.S. Government Accountability Office 2009)

2. New York State's Superfund program works. (Kathleen Chandler Schmid 2007)