Look up the word improving and compare it so internal competition.

Jon Bateman AC Flow [1]:Edit


1: Competition - "Contest for a prize between two or more parties"

2: Cooperation - "Activity shared for mutual benefit"

3: Excellence - I can't remember the exact definition, but he equates excellence with perfection, and draws the conclusion that complete excellence is unattainable.

Value: Excellence

Criterion: Personal Achievement and Self-Betterment

Contention 1: Continually strive towards excellence - Since excellence = perfection, we cannot achieve it, but we can be in constant pursuit of it.

Contention 2: Competition with ourselves leads of to head towards excellence

Contention 3: When we don't compete with ourselves, we do not go towards excellence

AC Flow [2]Edit

Value: Excellence

Criterion: Competition

Contention 1: The Natural World is excellent. (He says it's better than anything ever created by man.)

Contention 2: Competition is needed in the natural world to function.

Contention 3: Cooperation throws off the balance of the natural world.

Contention 4: Competition is superior to achieving excellence.