1AC Flow - Repeal ESAEdit

I. Definitions:

1. Environmental Policy: Policy about people and surroundings

2. Significant: influence or effect

3. Reform: Change into improved form

4. Endangered Species Act: Federal law to save species

II. Facts

1. The ESA is not doing its job (success rate less than 1%) [Ben Liberman, Sept ’05]

2. Government spends too much money for too little results [Audry Hudson, April ’04]


1. The Federal government’s priorities are misplaced

---A) People’s lives are being lost [Peyton Knight, March ’05]

---B) Jobs and livelihoods are being destroyed [Devin Nunes, Feb ’09; Bonner Cohen, May ’04]

2. Endangered species are threatened by the ver legislation that purports to protect them [Ben Liverman, Sept ’05]

3. The ESA is being misused [Jay Lehr, Aug ’05]

IV. Plan

Mandate: Repeal the ESA

Agency: Congress and the President

Funding: None needed

V. Advantages

[ No evidence Provided ]

1. Misplaced priorities will no longer endanger human lives, jobs, and livelihoods

2. The unintended incentive given to landowners to destroy habitat and species on their property will be removed

3. States will be free to perform best practice analysis

4. Helps American Car Companies