1AC FlowEdit


Observation 1 Definitions:

Environmental Policy/Reform/Significant/Referencing/

Observation 2 Inherency:

1) Reference man is the standard for 3 major governmental agency's...the EPA, DOE, and NRC.

2) Reference Man is the Standard for the Clean Air Act

3) Reference man does not accurately betray the American Population.

4) Other phantoms exist besides reference man (discovered by Cristie Eckert)

Observation 3 Risks:

1) Women, Children, and the Elderly are more susceptible to radiation poisoning

2) Miscarriages are caused by radiation poisoning

Observation 4 Plan:

1) Agency is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2) Nuclear standards will be raised to include the other phantoms that Cristie & Eckert discovered

3) something about more testing with the EPA DOE and think

Observation 5 Advantages:

1) Women, Children, and the Elderly are safe from radiation

2) The risk of miscarriages and other defects will decrease

3) Air will be safer (b.c CAA standards are raised)